Huge Husky Wins BFF Status With Small Kitten

Jul 05, 2020 by apost team

You might think that a husky - a large, relatively hyperactive dog with wolf-like instincts - would pose a threat to something as small as a kitten. However, in this unlikely friendship, that's not the case. Huskies do have prey and predator instincts, meaning that untrained huskies may pose a threat to something as small as a cat or kitten. This husky, however, wants nothing more than to be able to gently play with his adorably tiny new best friend, who, for the most part, is still just a bit uncertain of him.

A Husky and a Kitten Form an Unlikely Friendship

Now, obviously, before you go bringing home a husky and a kitten, provide your husky with the proper training to be as sweet and gentle as this one is. Throughout the course of the video, these two interact in strange and interesting ways. The husky, who is much, much larger than the small kitten, has decided that he will take care of his tiny friend, no matter what.

This means that he follows the kitten everywhere it goes. When the kitten gets up to explore, the husky follows. When the kitten decides it's time for a nap, the husky lays down too. He is this kitten's constant companion and wants nothing more than for the kitten to want to play with him.

However, he knows better than to invade the kitten's space or try to play without being invited. He clearly doesn't want to scare the kitten. He just wants to make sure his little friend doesn't get hurt. It's a large world out there, and we are sure the husky thinks there's quite a lot of risks involved with being that small.

At times, the kitten does get just a bit overwhelmed by the large dog's presence. It's then that the kitten tries to make an effort to tell the husky to go away. The kitten hisses at the husky occasionally. When that doesn't work, the kitten swipes his tiny paw at the husky. The husky appears entirely unconcerned with the kitten's attempts to dissuade him, though. He's just waiting for the moment that his little friend wants to play.

Eventually, we get to see the husky on the couch, watching the kitten play nearby. Kittens are known for being relatively clumsy, and this kitten is no exception. The little cat falls, and within seconds the husky stands up, making sure the kitten didn't get hurt. Just by watching the way the two interact, you can tell the husky is concerned for the well-being of this tiny kitten.

Toward the end of the video, the kitten finally gets the courage to play with the husky, batting playfully and attaching his paws. At this point, some viewers may get worried that the kitten is going to get hurt. The husky, however, is very gentle with the kitten. You can tell he is aware of just how easily he could hurt the small cat, and despite how excited he is to get the chance to play with the kitten, he is exceptionally gentle as he paws back.

This husky has been well trained and understands how to respect another animal's boundaries. He's gentle, calm, and caring. It's almost as if he understands how much larger he is than the kitten and compensates for that. It's truly impressive when you consider how much energy huskies normally have. We would definitely say he's a good boy.

Let us know what you think of the adorable friendship that's blooming between the two below! Have you ever seen such an adorable yet unlikely friendship?