Huge Humpback Whale Bursts Out Of The Ocean Right Next To A Fishing Boat

A fisherman in Monterey Bay, California was in for quite a surprise when a humpback whale made a sudden appearance. While the fishing boat was simply meandering its way slowly through the water, the whale made a surprise visit and shot its massive body out of the waves and into view.

The boat, which appears to be a decent size vehicle, suddenly looks a lot smaller as the gigantic animal shots through the water and spins in the air before going back down to be covered by the waves.

Douglas Croft is a photographer who was traveling in a nearby boat and managed to catch the breath-taking scene. The 60-year-old photographer certainly enjoyed the chance to show off the magnificent beast, explaining to the news stations that it was quite exciting.

Located below-deck on a different boat, Croft managed to capture the whale through a porthole. While taking photos through a porthole may sound like it would be difficult, Croft made the images look like they were masterpieces.

While it would seem that this was just a coincidence, Croft had actually been looking for a chance to capture pictures of the huge sea creature. He was working alongside a whale-watcher named Kate Cummings who helped him locate and spot the whale.

Cummings told the news that the whale had already been spotted going out of the water farther away from the fishing boat, so she and Croft had high hopes that they would be able to get a good image. They weren’t disappointed!

When they spotted the fishing boat, Croft and Cummings held their breaths, hoping that the whale would breach once again. With his camera ready, Croft was able to catch the spectacular scene just as it unfolded.

While Croft explains that since the boat was closer to the camera, it should have looked larger than the whale; however, it wasn’t the case. The animal was so big that it made the boat look like nothing more than a toy.

We are glad that the team was able to catch such awe-inspiring photographs that help us appreciate the beauty of nature. What would you think if you were the fisherman and this whale breached close to your boat?