Huge Dog Waits Each Morning To Ensure His Owner’s Children Get On The School Bus Safely

A two-year-old English Mastiff named Gordon accompanies his owner’s two young daughters to the bus stop every morning and waits until their school bus picks them up to make sure they get on it safely.

Seeing the loyal dog protecting her daughters each and every morning made Gordon’s owner, Becky Lynn, decide that is was time to share the family's adorable morning routine with the world. Therefore she filmed the whole scenario on different days and uploaded the footage online for everyone to see.

One of the videos even shows Gordon on a snowy day waiting next to the girls as their school bus arrives to pick them up. The loyal dog sits still and doesn’t move until he is sure that both girls made it onto the bus safely before the bus driver closes the doors.

After the bus takes off, Gordon immediately runs back towards the house to reassure Becky Lynn that her daughters are safe. As Becky Lynn described on her Facebook, Gordon is more to her than just a regular dog as she considers him to be “The biggest love, the most gentle soul, our faithful companion & truly our family’s heart dog.” 

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