How To Tell If Someone You Know Is An Extreme Narcissist

Jul 04, 2018 by apost team

An extreme narcissist is a person who does not have empathy for others. They feel that they are better than others and see those surrounding them as either enabling them to fulfill their desires or holding them back from getting what they want. These people are not capable of true love or empathy and only show these emotions as a tool to pursue their selfish desires.

What they want

A severe narcissist can definitely derive enjoyment from what another does for them. However, they do not place true value and respect on the actual person. It is merely the action that benefited them that they enjoy. In the long run, it does not matter who is who to a narcissist. If a person can provide a certain service, this is all that matters to the extreme narcissist. So everyone is merely an object to these people, and they cannot learn how to love another person at their core.

Low self-esteem

The extreme narcissist tends to lack confidence and self-esteem deep down. Thus, they form coping mechanisms that negatively impact others. They do not take kindly to constructive criticism and see comments such as this as bitter insults. These people enjoy surrounding themselves with people who seek only to praise them. The extreme narcissist cherishes the feeling of being praised by others and will do whatever it takes to receive this approval. Thus, they commonly pursue spouses who only want to boost their fragile ego.

Significant others

A wealthy narcissist who possesses power will do this especially and only maintain a significant other who can make them look good. This spouse must give them a comparative advantage when it comes to a business ordeal or social interaction. In addition, they see their significant others as interchangeable. If one has ceased to give them the approval they desire, they will move onto the next heartlessly and without any type of remorse.

False charm

The narcissist can be quite charming when it actually matters to them. But their true nature comes out to show in the household. They have no problem being nasty with family members when no one is around to view the occurrence. A significant other of an extreme narcissist will likely end up experiencing neglect and even abuse.

Their goals in relationships

Extreme narcissists tend to pair up with two types of people: people pleasers and other narcissists. Narcissists get together in relationships quite often, and it is more like a business transaction than a relationship. The two use one another to heighten their own status and image, which is the main goal in the long run. The negatives tend to arise when one member of the couple is more exploitative or showy than the other, resulting in constant argumentation. While these relationships can potentially last, they often come crashing down due to the extreme egos of the partners involved.

The people pleaser

People pleasers are the other people that end up pairing themselves with narcissists. These relationships tend to be very hurtful and detrimental for the people pleaser. The extreme narcissist will leach off the pleaser continually since they feel that they are quite likely to get what they want from this person. It is common for the people pleaser to get very fed up and eventually burn out in these relationships, tearing down the emotional well-being of this person. More likely than not, the narcissist exits the relationship untethered. It is the people pleaser that experiences the real hardships of separation.

Now that you know

You should be very careful about who you enter a long-term relationship with. Take a step back every once and a while and reflect on the tendencies of you and your partner. A bitter dynamic with an extreme narcissist is one of the last things you want to be dealing with.

A severely narcissistic person can be very dangerous in a relationship. It is important to know how to identify one and keep your distance. Send this to your family and friends in order to spread awareness of the issue.