How To Slow Down Aging And Look Younger Longer

May 11, 2018 by apost team

Admit it, you have always admired the celebrities that you see on T.V. who never seem to age. Everybody always wants that ‘eternal youth’ look. The good news is, you don’t even have to spend half the money most people do to look young. 

1. Manage your stress level

Research has revealed that telomeres (the ends of chromosomes) are responsible for the aging processes in your cells. The shorter our telomeres are, the faster we age. Prolonged stress leads to shorter telomeres, and that means you will wrinkle up in no time.

2. Dance

Studies have shown that dancing is the perfect exercise that can reverse the aging process. Dancing, especially continuously changing choreography, can boost the work of the hippocampus and help you slow down aging. It also helps uplift your spirits. 

3. Get some sleep

Ideally, you should get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep affects the way you feel and most of the time how we feel is reflected on our face. Grumpiness due to lack of sleep accompanied by frowning causes you to have frown lines, which just make you appear older. Sleep even helps lower the risk of a heart attack and stroke. 

4. Switch to more natural cosmetics

Substances found in cosmetics can disrupt estrogen and slow normal female fertility leading to premature aging. Switch to more natural cosmetics instead which help supplement rather than take nutrients away from your skin. 

5. Spend more time in the sun

According to Cancer Research UK, you should spend around 15 minutes basking in the sun at around midday. This will help you to get Vitamin D, which is known to make the skin look softer and more alive. 

6. Eat well

Cutting down on calorie intake without malnutrition can slow down metabolism and help you stay young longer. You should also adjust your diet to include anti-aging foods like blueberries, dark chocolate, nuts and salmon. Avoid sugar and alcohol. 

7. Work your brain

Read books, learn a new language, and play games. Whatever it is, make sure you engage your brain. By making your brain is actively working to make new connections.  You will not only look younger but feel younger too.

8. Keep the ones you love close

People who live in a safe and caring environment are less likely to experience stress and with constant happiness comes a younger looking face. Everyone looks ten times younger when they are smiling. 

9. Take more vitamins

Vitamin E, A, and K have been known to reduce dark circles and reduce wrinkles. Vitamin E is specifically known to reduce the amount of moisture lost by the skin which keeps you looking refreshed. 

These are just but a few of the things that have been proven to slow down the clock of time. Encourage your friends and family to use some of these tips and tell us how it goes!