How To Protect Your Personal Energy During The Current Major Cosmic Shift

Jun 06, 2018 by apost team

Presently, Earth is facing a major cosmic shift. But what does this mean for you? It can mean that you might be feeling more emotional than usual. In order to remain grounded, you can take steps to ensure that you are preserving your own personal energy. 

There are numerous methods you can participate in that will allow you to guard your personal energy. A light session of meditation is one of the best ways to protect yourself. This can work wonders and can even be performed each day in order to keep your life running smoothly during this shift in cosmic energy. 

If you’ve been experiencing emotions of anxiety or stress while going through your normal daily tasks, it’s time to admit that the current energy shift is seriously impacting you. Don’t allow this shift to exhaust you of all of your energy. Instead, you should follow measures to preserve your inner peace. These 6 tips can help you achieve this goal and can be done in any order that you deem appropriate for your own personal life. 

Steps For Protecting Your Energy


1. Take A Breather 

Take the time to be conscious of each and every breath you take. Allow yourself a few moments of relaxation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it isn’t wrong to remove yourself from the circumstances and take a breather.

2. Mindfulness 

Make sure you’re conscious of the very moment you’re living through. Don’t fret about future concerns or past problems. Any person or thing who holds you back should be gotten rid of in order to start making space for more positive outcomes. 

3. Create Meaningful Connections 

Be sure to encircle yourself with loved ones who respect and care for you. Rid your life of toxic individuals who hinder your abilities. It’s important to begin focusing on creating genuine relationships with people who will love and comfort you. 

4. Perform White Light Meditation 

While practicing meditation, try to picture yourself and your inner feelings surrounded by a white light. The white light can serve as your protection and refuses to let anything or anyone in your space drain energy from you. Practicing this type of meditation can help put you at ease. 

5. Spend Time In Nature 

The more you allow yourself to be surrounded by nature, the more your life will improve. Being in this environment will bring you a sense of peace and balance. It’s important to spend more time in outdoor settings in order to be able to properly understand different types of energy you’re feeling. 

6. Recite Affirmations 

Think up a specific affirmation that has personal meaning to recite to yourself each day. The affirmation should be able to give you the insight and determination needed in order to get yourself to a more positive place in life. You should repeat these words to yourself when you are feeling drained or lost. 

When a cosmic shift affects our personal energy, we may feel sensitive, anxious or stuck. Which method works the best for you personally? Write your thoughts in the comment section below and let your friends know about these helpful tips!