How To Keep Your Summer Strawberries From Spoiling

Summertime is fast approaching, which means the peak season for strawberries is well on its way! Strawberries are a refreshing, delicious and healthy snack to enjoy in the warm sunshine. Their health benefits are fantastic, but keeping them fresh long enough to enjoy can be challenging.

Here are a few reminders of why you should stock your fridge with this flavorful fruit, and a trick to keeping them from spoiling.


In addition to being a healthy source of vitamin c, strawberries have several other health benefits. They are a source of fiber, which helps with the digestive process. Strawberries also have incredibly high levels of polyphenals, also known as antioxidants, that help to remove damaging substances and reverse oxidation and deterioration.

It is also worth noting that these delightfully sweet fruits are free of sodium, cholesterol, fat and are an overall low-calorie food.


While there are plenty of common sense things you can do to help keep your strawberries fresh longer, like removing moldy berries to keep mold from spreading, there is actually a way to help prevent spoiling from the beginning.

It requires three things: water, white vinegar, and a colander. 

Step 1: Make a solution of 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water (1/2 cup of vinegar with 2 1/2 cups of water typically does the trick)

Step 2: Soak your strawberries in the solution 

Step 3: Thoroughly dry your strawberries in a colander and then refrigerate them.

The vinegar will help to kill any mold spores and bacteria on your strawberries, so be prepared to be disgusted at what you find in the solution after your fruit has been thoroughly rinsed. And don’t worry, your sweet treats won’t have any sort of sour, vinegar taste with this helpful tip.

Summer salads and produce trays would not be complete without strawberries. Make sure you, your loved ones and all of your friends know how to keep from wasting a single summer strawberry!