How To Get A Perfect Hollywood Smile Using These 9 Tips

Oct 19, 2018 by apost team

A smile can make a face unique. A lot of people nowadays want to get the perfect smile. Pearly whites that sparkle in the sun. For the average Joe, that's not what their teeth look like.

Surgery to get whiter teeth is an expensive and extensive process. Nobody has the money or the time to do that. Luckily there are cheap alternatives that will give you Hollywood teeth in no time.

1. Fresh Basil Leaves

No, you're not making a pizza you're whitening your teeth. Fresh basil leaves are best for this. Grind some up in a bowl until a puree forms. You can use this two ways. The first way is to use it as a substitute for your toothpaste.

If you don't want to give your toothpaste, you can apply it to your teeth for up to five minutes. Rinse your mouth then brush with your regular toothpaste.

2. Fresh Strawberries

Strawberries are great for the body for numerous reasons. Smash a strawberry in a small bowl. Mix it with the finest salt you can find. If you can't find any, grind some of the salt you have at your home in a blender. Mix the salt with the strawberry.

Put it on your toothpaste and brush it gently over your teeth for five minutes. Only do this once every two weeks to prevent enamel damage.

3. Banana Peel

Maybe you love bananas, if you do, this is perfect for you. Take a banana peel and rub it against your teeth for five minutes. You can do it as often as you'd like. The peel restores color and helps strengthen teeth.

4. Tea Tree Oil

What the heck even is Tea Tree Oil? Regardless of what it is, it can help whiten your teeth. Put five drops of oil in half a glass of water. Rinse your mouth with the mixture after you've brushed your teeth. In just a few weeks you'll see results.

5. Charcoal

Charcoal ice cream and charcoal lemonade are delicious treats. That's not the charcoal we're talking about. Ground up some charcoal and mix it with water until it turns into a paste. Rub this all over your teeth and let it sit for a few minutes. Repeat once a week.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera isn't just to heal those sunburns you got yesterday. Aloe vera has incredible amounts of healing properties. Mash the leaves from aloe vera leaves. Simply brush your teeth normally and apply aloe vera to your teeth. This will get you a Hollywood smile in just a few weeks.

7. Coconut Oil

Before brushing your teeth, apply some coconut oil to your teeth. Leave it on for twenty minutes then rinse. Afterward, brush your teeth normally. Think of this as a face mask for your teeth.

8. Tumeric Toothpaste

Mix one teaspoon of turmeric with one teaspoon of clear coconut oil. Add in a few drops of mint oil as well. Mix it all together to create a beneficial toothpaste.

9. Lemon Mouthwash

Nothing beats fresh breath. Mix 3 parts water to one part fine salt and rinse your mouth with it after brushing your teeth. You can do this up to two times a week.

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