How to Choose Happiness: 12 Steps

Aug 09, 2017 by apost team

12 Ways to be Content No Matter Your Situation12 Secrets Happy People Know that Others Do NotHow to Choose Happiness: 12 StepsIt had become a cliche, but you do only get one life. Which is why it is so tragic that so many people go through life feeling unhappy. You see it on social media, in the news, and likely in the people around you. Most people want happiness, but many just struggle to find it. Or they believe that being happy is a feeling that comes and goes at a whim. But certain people can be unhappy even through the best of circumstances, while others may remain happy while suffering terribly unfavorable situations. So what can you do if you are the former instead of the latter? The reality is that happiness results from a series of choices you make. Of course every day will still have its share of ups and downs, but there are certain actionable steps you can take to change your outlook.1. Choose to Be ThankfulIn the midst of a personal struggle, it is simple to ignore the blessings that surround you. If you have trouble seeing the blessings in your life, take time out to write down a list of all of the good things you have going for you.2. Set Realistic ExpectationsIt is excellent to have goals, but make sure your standards are set by you, not the media or even well-meaning family or friends. Of course you will feel unhappy if you are constantly failing to live up to some arbitrary standard of beauty or intelligence or success- so evaluate your expectations to make sure you are setting attainable goals. 3. Be GenerousDon't be a Scrooge. Happy people give freely and regularly to those less fortunate. Helping others gives you warm fuzzy feelings that contribute to happiness- so consider volunteering or donating to a worthy cause.4. Keep it UpHappiness is a moving target, so you must learn to celebrate the process. You will have setbacks and roadblocks to face. The happiest people keep at it, until it is just something you do, a part of who you are.5. Take ControlIf you have always wanted to do that one thing- go for it! You do not want to look back on your life with regrets about what could have been. Happy people are in charge of their own destiny. So start today.6. Pace YourselfThere is an old saying, “Wherever you are at, Be All There.” Basically, give full commitment to each moment. Take time to pause and enjoy the little moments, including the peaceful stillness every once in a while. Give your full attention when you are with family or friends, and leave work for working hours.7. Work HardDo not expect to get a lucky break that fixes all your problems. Hard work and determination will generally get you where you want to be, and you will appreciate it more than if it was handed to you. 8. You Don't Deserve ItYou may feel you have earned something, but keep in mind that you are not entitled to that raise or inheritance. Life does not owe you happiness, but sometimes little surprises do crop up. Do not depend what you believe you deserve in order to be happy.9. Seek Meaningful ExperiencesFind a way to do something good for the world. Leave this Earth better than it was when you found it.10. Don't Hold a GrudgeHolding on to anger just hurts you, so forgive freely. Do not let people who have hurt you continue to hold power over you. If you are the wrongdoer, admit it, apologize, make amends as best you can, and move on.11. Change Your AttitudeThe world can be cruel, but how you react is up to you. Strive to keep a positive outlook and don't let negative feelings take over your life.12. Choose Your Words CarefullySay kind, uplifting things to others. Don't engage in gossip or nay-saying. Words are powerful; choose them wisely.