How To Ask Your Kid About Their Day Without Acutally Asking Them How Their Day Was

When I saw my son walk into his classroom for the first time I had a freak out moment. That kind when you realize you’re not going to be seeing your child all day after doing just that for five years. It made me determined to find out what was happening while I wasn't there.

A few short years later the question “How was your day?” was always responded to with “fine”. It drove me crazy! I thought, maybe it's just that he doesn’t know what to say. I came up with some conversation-starting questions.I started asking questions while we were eating dinner because it seemed get better responses.

No Worries:

If the janitor had to clean out your locker, how dirty would he rate it on a scale of 1-10?
If I got a call from your teacher, what would it be about?

What’s Happening:

What did you do during recess today?
Choose three words to describe today.
Use one word to describe your teacher.

The Blues:

If you were able to drop any class, which one would it be, and why?
Do you feel like any of the rules at your school are unfair? (Tell them you can’t change these rules and they still need to be followed even if they’re unfair.)

The Fun Stuff:

If you could pick a theme song for yourself, what would it be?
Which teacher is your favorite and why?
Using the title of a movie or book, describe your day.

There’s no way to make sure you get answers every time, but with these questions you’re almost guaranteed to get more than just a “fine”.