How Souls Choose Their Family And Friends Before Birth

Souls are always born into different bodies. They are born throughout many different lifetimes and may be matched up with the same parents or different ones. Who we are planning to be with is determined when we are at the “source,” which is the time before we are conceived. We may not remember the actual decision-making process, but we definitely choose the people we are meant to be with before birth.

We use our time at the source to choose the lessons we learn, the life we wish to live, the parents we want, and the friends we will have. We may get paired with people who help guide us along the way. If you are with a specific person right now, you might decide to reverse your roles when you get back to the source. There is really no limit on how things are done when it comes to our souls.

Your soul chooses the time and date of your birth, as well as the location you will be born in and whose family you will make yours. This happens way before you are even conceived. Our whole lives are predetermined from before conception. You may scoff because you don’t remember this happening, but it all happens while you are in your spirit form. You won’t remember them when you get to this planet, but those decisions are prominent and your life will be guided by them.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have free will when you get to this time and place. You can always make any changes that you deem are necessary for your life to continue on the right path. We cannot always design our own destiny and fate, but we can certainly give it a nudge in the direction we want. Our soul contracts are really just deals we have made with ourselves when we were at the source. They are there so that we will continually grow towards a higher state of awareness and consciousness.

When you have the feeling of meeting the right person, this means part of your soul contract is likely being fulfilled. It can be quite confusing at first, especially when you don’t realize the way things work. However, it will start to make much more sense as you experience it over and over again. We tend to gravitate towards the same people in different lifetimes. You will know when your soul family is found, but don’t neglect the family you were blessed with in this lifetime.

This world can be a very mysterious and amazing place. Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t know what that reason is at the moment. Take great comfort in knowing that you are absolutely carrying out the plans and actions that your spirit wanted before you were born. Take the time to grow as a person. Learn everything that you can to make your spirit proud. Search for your soul family while loving the one you have. Remember, you will be back again someday to experience it all anew. 

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