How Our Feelings Get In The Way Of Good Health

Apr 16, 2018 by apost team

To be healthier, let your feelings out.

It’s difficult to get along in this world.

We have so many expectations placed on us, from how our bodies look to how we should behave. So many expectations are not healthy to deal with. The world is so focused on being perfect that when we feel we are not measuring up, we push our feelings down to try to fit in. If we feel that who we are is not acceptable in society, we hide our true selves away.

These suppressed feelings can weigh us down. They feel like a lump in our throat or a weight in our stomach. These negative feelings burden us and cause us to feel like inferior human beings.

What most people don’t know is that carrying around this emotional dead weight may affect the shape of our bodies as well.

Our culture has a huge problem with body image. Even little girls feel like they are fat. The advice to put yourself on a diet and dedicate yourself to exercise is only part of achieving good health. In fact, it can be emotionally damaging.

Our weight and overall health are determined by our feelings. If we don’t express ourselves, we carry around extra burdens which are translated into body weight. This happens because not expressing our true feelings leads to unhappiness, which leads to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.

When our bodies and minds are relaxed, our metabolisms work the most efficiently. Constantly being in a state of stress means that our bodies are not processing food as well as they should. The “fight or flight” response can mean that our metabolism goes down by as much as 80 percent.

Even if you do everything perfectly with diet and exercise, if you are constantly stressed, you will not be able to lose weight.

This may sound strange, but our physical body is a reflection of how we feel inside. When we don’t let our feelings out, our bodies are in a state where they don’t feel they are safe and loved. This keeps our bodies from performing at their best, just as it keeps our minds from processing emotions the right way.

When we fully express ourselves, we are taking power into our own hands.

Our power comes from living our truth, even if other people don’t approve. When we fail to set boundaries, we let other people take our power away from us.

What most people don’t understand is that the power of our personalities is reflected in our metabolisms as well.

If our bodies and minds are relaxed, our bodies perform at their best. If we are constantly stressed or if we let other people walk all over us, our metabolisms suffer. The power in our souls is strongly related to our body’s metabolism.

What can we learn from this article?

Be true to yourself. Listen to your feelings and set boundaries with others. Be honest with those around you when expressing your feelings.

Understand that when you don’t fully express yourself, you are damaging your emotional health, and by extension, your body’s health as well. If you want to be in your personal best shape, you must be in your best emotional shape as well.

What are the feelings weighing you down? Let us know whether this advice was helpful for you.