How Good Is Your Eyesight Really?

Dec 15, 2015 by apost team

Do you have the eyesight of a hawk? Or are you blind as a bat? Or somewhere in between? Perfect vision doesn't mean that one has clear, flawless vision. It actually means that one can read a Snellen chart from a distance of 20 feet. So people who claim that they have 20/20 vision have the visual acuity of an average person.While there many ways to evaluate eyesight, one of the most common types of vision test is the Snellen chart. Some tests evaluate how well your eyes adjust to light or are able to differentiate colors or interpret the pictures that you are looking at. Regular eye checkups are crucial if you think that the world appears a little hazy. This test uses a set of questions to evaluate how good your vision is. Take it now and find out whether you need to get an eye checkup soon! We look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below!

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