How Extroverted Introverts Interact Differently With Their World

You've always felt like people don't understand you. Sometimes you don't even understand yourself. Social interactions can either light you up or wipe you out completely. At parties, you feel very excited and confident, or you feel completely detached and annoyed. You're both strong and sensitive. You're a very social person, but you rarely go out. Some days you love being the center of attention—carefree, sharing your thoughts with the world. Then there are the days you judge every idea you have, and you can't turn off your negative inner monologue. To say that you're a walking conundrum would be an understatement. Having constant mental stimulation is a must for you. You absolutely hate first dates. You can't stand small talk—it stresses you out. However, deep conversations are something different. Deep conversations are exhilarating to you. They're like oxygen to you. You don't really like talking on the phone. Sometimes you won't even pick up the phone, even though it's one of your best friends calling. Tearing yourself away from what you're focusing on to focus on what they want is a challenge. Maybe they can change their focus instantly, but you certainly can't. Keeping friendships intact is difficult for you. At most, you have one or two really close friends. Oddly enough, connecting with people isn't your problem. As a matter of fact, you go above and beyond what people expect in order to make others feel happy and welcome. It just takes you a while to feel comfortable in social settings, so you have to build up to that point. Ironically, you have no trouble reaching out to people when you're upset and need someone to talk to. On one hand, you need to be around people in order to feel happy. On the other hand, you have to shut yourself off from people to think and recharge. This ebb and flow is puzzling to you on an emotional level. To compensate, you look for other parts of your life that you can control. You're focused on results. While you are driven person—and a bit of a perfectionist—indecision is one of your greatest weaknesses. There's a constant back and forth between you feeling like you need to be alone (to gather yourself) and feeling utterly bored because you spend so much time home alone. Whether you feel like your days are satisfying or pointless depends on your state of mind. Sometimes you feel like you're on the outside looking in. You see details that others don't notice. You hate most things that are conventional. You think about everything around you—almost to the point of obsession. When people talk about how things "should be", you can feel the disdain bubbling up inside you. That same disdain you feel for the status quo forces you to go against the grain in your life. The way you communicate with the world is very unique. Because you are an unconventional blend of introvert and extrovert, most people don't see the world quite like you do. That can be really stressful, but it can be incredibly liberating, too. Share this article with your friends and family if you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as we did.