How Being Too Nice Can Hurt You

Mar 16, 2018 by apost team

Some people are too nice to ever say “no”. These people find that their boundaries are always being stepped on and find that they are constantly putting work into relationships without getting anything in return. Read on to discover whether you are too nice and whether you need to do a better job protecting your own interests.

You can’t say no.

You never say no because you’re afraid you can’t say it without making people angry with you. You want to be needed so badly, you don’t mind if you are being inconvenienced.

You don’t speak up for yourself.

You aren’t scared of speaking up for yourself, but you don’t want anyone to think that your feelings are too easily hurt.

You never say you’re too busy to be there for a friend.

You never want your friends or family to feel alone and you feel like you are the only person they can turn to. While this is a good quality to have, going too far with it can be very draining. You don’t tend to tell people if there is anything going on in your life that makes you need help, so your own needs go unmet.

You’re always available.

No matter what your friends need, or when, all they have to do is call and you’re on your way. Again, this is a good quality, but sometimes it is okay to step back and let someone else be the comforter. You love to feel needed, but try to keep yourself from becoming the only helper in your circle of friends.

You never get mad.

You are a tender-hearted person and even when people are upset with you, you give them the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes you need to learn to let your negative emotions show when you’re with your friends. Let them know that you’re not a robot.

You keep all of your negative feelings to yourself.

When you need someone to lean on, it often feels like there is no one there for you. When you are upset, you hide it from your friends because you’re not sure anyone will help you.

You give too much.

Giving feels good for a while, but when you have given too much, you are shattered inside. Try to reach out and ask for help before it gets to this point. Let yourself lean on your friends the way they lean on you.


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