How A Strong Woman Says Goodbye

When a strong woman tells you goodbye, she will say it in a different way than any other woman because she is different.

There's no need for her to cry for long, and she won't put blame on mistakes that were made.

This woman won't make you stay if you want to leave. Since she has been alone before, it's made her strong enough to stand on her own without you in her life.

She knows that people come into your life on a temporary basis. Life will go on whether it's with or without the person she loves. She knows that you need to be happy whether it's with her or with someone else.

There are numerous things in the world to look at and enjoy, and she won't hold you back. Even though her heart is broken, she will stand alone and know that she is strong.

Attention and affection are things that you shouldn't have to ask for as they should be given freely by the person who loves you. The people who are meant to stay won't leave. If you do decide to leave, then she knows that there will be other people who cross her path who will make up for the time that she spent with you.

Each end has a beginning, even if it's weeks or months later. Although it might hurt, she will be ready to start over again. She doesn't want to be taken for granted. She wants to have someone who cares for her and shows that she is loved. However, she won't make you stay.

She's been hurt numerous times, but she's not afraid to take a chance to love someone again. She keeps her hopes up and knows that there are others who will be glad to stay with her at all times. A strong woman knows that she will always be herself and doesn't need someone like you to bring her down.

When you're not around, she will strive to reach her goals and conquer them. She knows that she will come out of the relationship stronger than ever before.

She won't ask you to come back into her life and won't think twice about making sure she's happy when the time comes to be alone. She won't place blame on herself and will realize that she is strong enough to love herself once again. She did everything possible to make you happy and show you love, and you didn't accept those feelings. Weltjen

When someone strong tells you goodbye, there's no need to want you back. When the time comes that you realize that you made the wrong decision and know that you love her and she loved you, it will likely be too late. She will have moved on to someone else who appreciates her and shows her that she can be loved no matter what.

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