Hotel In UK Offers Spa Days For Dog Owners And Their Pet

Jan 14, 2020

Everybody enjoys a day at the spa and, apparently, animals love being pampered too! The Ringwood Hotel and Spa in Chesterfield understands that many pet owners don’t like to leave their furry friends at home while they go to receive their care. To best serve their clients and the animals that they love, the four-star spa decided that it was time to make a change. Draghici

After partnering with a pet sitting service called “Georgina’s”, The Ringwood Hotel and Spa is now offering the “Pampered Pooch Experience”, a service that makes it possible for dogs to be given a day of luxury right along with their owners.

When someone arrives for a spa day with their dog, the furry friend will be greeted by hotel reception before being transferred to the home of a pet sitter. These homes are located in Derbyshire with a promise of beautiful countryside scenery for the pooches to enjoy.

During their stay with the sitter, owners can choose between three different packages for their dogs to enjoy.

The “Garden Secret Spa VIP” package is one option where dogs are given a walk through the grounds followed by a shampoo and massage bubble bath that is supposed to help the dog’s muscles loosen up. After the bath is complete, dogs receive a pedicure and paw soak, an ear cleanse, and a fragrance finish.

Once the luxury treatment is done, human parents can opt to have their dogs eat lunch alongside them at the hotel.

Dogs in every package are guaranteed to spend a day that is free from any cages or pens, instead, they are lavished with unlimited walks and lots of love! To ensure that their dogs are receiving the best care, dog owners can get constant updates throughout the day to keep up with what their beloved pooch is doing.

While this all sounds great, not everyone can afford a spa day for themselves, let alone their dog! To give everyone a chance to use this service, the website SpaSeekers is currently running a contest where you can win a spa day for you and your dog. All you need to do is share a before and after picture of your dog’s bath on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram along with the hashtag #doggyspabreak and tag @SpaSeekers before Jan. 31, 2020.Ирина Мещерякова

Would you like to enjoy a spa day with your dog? If so, you should enter the contest! Don't forget to pass this article along to all dog owners that you know!