Hospital Nurse Opens Up About Trying To Cope With The Loss Of A Patient

Dec 30, 2019

Nurses are truly some of the world's most unsung heroes. Not only do they care for the physical health needs of their patients, but they also provide emotional support and care as they battle a variety of issues.

On December 5th, one nurse named Sandra Maria Kluskowski shared her thoughts about her profession in a touching social media post. As a nurse at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana, Sandra has seen it all as part of her profession.

Her post was a touching reminder of what nurses endure as part of their jobs. Sandra posted a picture of an empty hospital bed. Accompanying the picture was a long caption about the patient who once occupied the bed before passing away.

In the post, Sandra hypothetically asked the patient if they knew that she was there. She admitted that she was just another voice in the room gathering health information so that she could properly care for the patient. She assured the patient that she had greeted them in a comforting voice, trying her best to help them through their health crisis.

Sandra said that she came into the room after getting all the supplies that she needed to clean up the patient. She noted that she was not in a hurry and that she tried to take her time in order to perform a job well done. Sandra lamented that she knew that the patient was in pain because of the moans. She retrieved a warm blanket from the heater in an attempt to warm up the uncomfortable patient.

Sandra admits that she was deflated to learn from a doctor that the patient did not have long to live. She said her nerves got the best of her. In her post, she said that she was scared as she tended to the dying patient. Sandra's hands were trembling and she said that she had to look up to the ceiling to hold back the tears that were welling up inside of her as she simply did her job.

The compassionate nurse went on to describe the final minutes of the life of her patient. She described how the body began to stiffen up and that the skin became room temperature. While she knew that the patient had passed, she still apologized for pulling the tape off of the fine hairs of the arm. Sweetly, the nurse continues to admit her shortcomings, saying that she was scared and that this was not the first time that she felt this way about caring for a patient. Sandra said that it is her goal to treat others as she would want to be treated. She admits that she feels fearful and that she cries as part of her job.

You need to see this post to truly appreciate how much nurses invest in their patients. Sandra did an exemplary job putting into words what many nurses feel every day. After you have read through these touching words, be sure to spread the message of so many nurses to everyone that you know. These heroes should be celebrated for their contributions.