Hospital Gives Moving “Honor Walk” To Baby Girl Whose Organs Saved 3 Children

No parent should ever be forced to outlive their children. Yet, it happens every day. The parents of Alondra Torres Arias were faced with a harrowing reality: their little one-year-old girl would not win her battle with pneumonia.

In early January, baby Alondra was declared to be brain dead. While no parent wants to endure their child's death, the Barrazas (Alondra's mother and father) had a difficult choice to make.

When asked if their willing to donate your child's organs, what can anyone say? This question, though horrifying can save many lives.

It was for this reason that baby Alondra's parents decided to go ahead and let her organs be donated. Though it was likely the hardest decision they ever had to make, the hospital's moving tribute to their baby made a huge impact.

Before the surgery, the Barrazas said one last goodbye to their daughter. Once they made the decision to donate Alondra's liver and kidneys, they watched as the hospital staff prepared to take her for surgery.

The touching video shows the medical staff and doctors lining the hospital hallway to honor the live of Alondra. As she is wheeled through the hall, they hold hands in prayer until Alondra is taken to the operating room.

Though the moment must have been truly heart-wrenching, the Barrazas' spirits were lifted when they felt how powerful the experience was. 

Alonza's mother shared that "I have the great comfort having helped save three babies."

Though no parent wants to experience the tragedy of losing their daughter or son, the Barrazzas know that their baby girl did not die in vain. What a sacred and life-altering moment. No parent knows what they'll do in such a situation, but making a decision like this one leaves an incredible impact on the lives of so many people.

Once the footage was posted online, millions of people around the world resonated with the message of Alondra's story. Viewers all over the world sent prayers and words of gratitude for the Barrazas' incredible donation.

"God bless you," one viewer commented. 

Another made note of what a powerful act of love their decision was. "A part of your beautiful princess in three little ones," another viewer shared. May Alondra rest in peace and may her family be granted peace on earth as well.

Watch the video to see the moving "honor walk" for yourself. Please leave your thoughts on Alondra's story in the comments and pass this heart-warming story on to your friends and loved ones to raise awareness.