Horse Starts Trotting But His Quick And Funky Change To The Music Has The Crowd Floored

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

One animal that everyone loves to watch is a horse. It is breathtaking to think of a horse running in a field or galloping quickly. While we see them in real life, oftentimes we enjoy watching them on television in equestrian events as well.

In this video from 2006, a dressage rider named Andreas Heglstrand rides his 9-year-old horse named Blue Hors Matine. Their routine is simply wonderful to watch and has gone viral since amassing over 20 million views!

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A sport that involves horses and is often televised is called dressage. It is also called art because those with aspirations in dressage are usually pursuing mastery of the sport. Talented professionals train horses to obey them and dance and perform for an audience. After the show, the judges rate their grace and skill set. The different levels range from amateur to the Olympics and World Equestrian Games. It's a high stakes competition, and more specifically, things like impulsion, paces, submission, and effectiveness of the rider are judged on a scale of 0 to 10.

An example of dressage is in this video. Andreas Heglstrand is riding a 9-year-old horse named Blue Hors Matine while commentators discuss their movements. You can tell by the way they performed that the two had spent much time together before the competition.

What this equestrian sport is all about is the rider and horse memorizing moves together and performing with ease and precision. During this competition, they are making an attempt at the WEG2006 freestyle dressage and are in the finals.

It's amazing to see the horse change its moves as the music changes in accordance with Heglstand's direction. Sometimes classical dressage routines can start to seem familiar but this one was quite entertaining for everyone watching. The audience loved the almost human-like performance of the animal. It was beautiful, and not only did the crowd enjoy what they saw, in the end, the judges also gave them good remarks.

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