Horse Gives Birth To Foal – And Her Afterbirth Has Owner Floored

Aug 08, 2020 by apost team

Saratoga Stud is a horse farm in Africa that was founded by a woman named Jenni because she has a passion for caring for horses.

She wanted to make sure that horses in the area had the care that they needed and that they could possibly find a suitable home where they could run free.

One of Jenni's mares became pregnant and delivered a stunning surprise.

Jenni and Guy worked late into the night when Daisy went into labor. The mare was overdue by about seven days, so Jenni knew that it could possibly be a long night as she delivered her baby.

Soon after Jenni and Guy arrived at the stable where Daisy was housed, she delivered a beautiful colt. Daisy was rather large while she was pregnant, so Jenni was surprised that her colt was on the small side. However, the horse seemed happy and healthy, so Jenni went about caring for the mother and her baby.

While Jenni was caring for the baby, her dogs alerted her that something was happening. After examining Daisy, Jenni discovered that the horse was going to have another baby!

She could see the feet as they were coming through the birth canal. Unfortunately, the baby was breech. Daisy laid down so that it was easier on her body to deliver the baby, but she wanted to turn her attention to her new colt instead.

Daisy soon gave birth to a beautiful filly named Duet. The horses are together all the time as they walk in the pasture, eat grass, and drink water.

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