Horse Dislikes People Riding Him, So He Plays Dead

This horse, Jingang, has honed in on his acting skills in order to avoid being ridden.

In a video compilation from 2019 of all of Jingang's efforts, one can see that this horse is an expert at playing dead just before it's time to ride. One local at Jingang's home ranch in South Korea even said that the act is "cute but naughty." For Jingang, this trick is a foolproof way to get out of the job of toting someone else around. 

Jingang the horse is still living his younger kid days where he can just sleep whenever, wherever he wants and ignore his human parents. Jingang lives on a large ranch where he has a happy life. However, since the ranch is too large, he is expected to serve as a vehicle to help transport his loving owners around the ranch as they may need it. His owners had him for a good long while and they are just happy for the pleasure of his company, even if he refuses to do the work sometimes.

One day Jingang must have gotten fed up with toting his humans around the ranch and came up with a deviously clever plan to keep them off his back, literally. Jingang has taught himself to play dead, much to the amusement of his human owners. Every time someone attempts to climb on this huge horse’s back he simply drops onto the ground suddenly and plays “dead,” lying incredibly still until that human goes away. He even taught himself to stick his tongue out to show them he really must be long gone, The Sun reports.

If you watch the video compilation of Jingang playing dead put together by his owners, you can’t help but think he’s got a little smirk right on his horsey face. Even if one of his humans tries to sneak up on him and hop on his back, he still just plops down and pretends he’s gone from this world.

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