Hopeful Stray Dog Waited Almost Entire Life Watching Cars Pass By On Lonely Road - Finally Gets Saved By Rescue Organization

Apr 05, 2020 by apost team

Howl of a Dog, a Romanian animal rescue organization, was recently spending time in a rural town in that country, engaging in a spay-neuter campaign, when staff members came across Remy, an adorable dog that was homeless. Sadly, he had clearly undergone a challenging life and had even been branded, but nobody in that village wanted this friendly, energetic animal.

According to Howl of a Dog, the branding was done due to a belief that burning a dog's nose with a red-hot iron helps boost its immune system and ensures that it will not contract distemper. Of course, there have been no medical studies proving that any of this is true, and, in the end, it's just a cruel superstition that needlessly results in physical and, most likely, mental harm.


The dog also had the top of his left ear torn off. Nobody is sure why that happened, but that, the branding, and him being homeless really tugged on the heartstrings of those at Howl of a Dog. However, it did not tug on the heartstrings of those in that village, at least not enough for any of them to want to adopt him. The reason for this is believed to be because dogs in that area are often viewed as "useless" if they cannot serve as guard dogs or in a similar role. How friendly and lovable they are is irrelevant.

Throughout the time that Howl of a Dog was there, Remy would run up to staff members, constantly wagging his tail, playing and being friendly. Otherwise, although he did roam the village, he seemed to spend much of his time outside of a small grocery store. That's where a woman who worked there fed him every day. Sadly, however, neither she nor anybody else in the village seemed to know Remy's story.

After Howl of a Dog members determined that nobody in that village wanted Remy, they took him back to their headquarters and took care of neutering, vaccinating, and microchipping him and are looking to adopt him out to a loving home, which doesn't necessarily need to be in Romania; he can go elsewhere in Europe or to a home in Canada or the U.S.

Have you or somebody you known taken in a stray dog or cat like Remy and were so confused as to why such caring creatures could be abandoned like Remy was?