Homeowner Sick Of Bear Getting Into The Trash At Night, Has Genius Solution That Has Everyone Laughing

Jan 31, 2018 by apost team

A homeowner in Salem, Virginia was the victim of a mischevious bear lurking around his neighborhood at night looking for food in garbage cans. Food sources are limited in the winter, so wild animals have to get creative when looking for something to eat.


Despite their enormous size and intimidating claws and teeth, bears are non-confrontational animals that prefer to hunt fish rather than other animals. Once a bear finds an easy way to obtain food in the winter (that doesn't involve contact with humans), they will use this same method every day, which is why one bear decided to return to a man's house each night to loot his trashcan. 

A security cam captured footage of the nuisance bear approaching the man's trashcan, but it notices the peculiar clown figure hanging on the side. The bear sniffs it to make sure it's nothing threatening before grabbing the trashcan with its mouth to tip it over. 

But when the bear slightly moved the trashcan, something hilarious happened! Watch the video below to see the hilarious solution this man came up with :)

I doubt that bear is going to go back for seconds, but we also hope that it finds a more reliable food source in this cold winter.

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