Homeless Puppy Saved After Found Begging In Starbucks Parking Lot

Pets often become homeless. They run away, but sometimes they are abandoned. Thankfully, there are plenty of big hearts out there who are willing to help these poor babies.

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Hope for Paws recently did just that. In this video, they can be seen rescuing this poor dog. Sadly, he'd been left in the parking lot of a Starbucks. He was all alone and helpless.

On top of that, he was injured! Luckily, a sweet employee called it in. The dog had been begging for scraps, so they knew it was hungry.

Hope for Paws showed up promptly. They cared for the dog right away. He was injured, so he needed extra attention. They gave him food and water as well. After a while, he started to trust them.


Finally, they were able to put a leash on him. The group took him back to their shelter. He received amazing care there. They gave him a good scrubbing as well. He thanked them by drying himself on their sofa. How funny is that?

His spirits seemed higher. In the video, you can see him frolicking around. He must have been so happy to be in a safe and loving place.

Now, it was time to put him up for adoption! They took his portrait and posted it on social media. The shelter also asked for name suggestions.

Thankfully, Hope for Paws has a great following. The community decided to name him Bean.

Doesn't that fit him perfectly?

At this point, all they could do was wait. They hoped to find a caring home as soon as possible. Bean was starved for love.

The shelter was happy when they found him a wonderful foster home. However, it isn't permanent. So, Bean still needs his forever home. Until then, he's in good hands.

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