Homeless Man Throws Heartwarming Birthday Party For His Dog And The Internet Rallies To Help Him

Sep 29, 2022 by apost team

A homeless man's life changed in an instant when he was captured trying to give his only companions, his dogs, a celebration for what seemed to be a special day for them, despite his lack of material things and a more comfortable place to celebrate it. 

Happiness comes in many forms. For Choko José Luis Matos, a homeless man in Bucaramanga, Colombia, his heart was full just by seeing one of his pets celebrate their birthday in his own simple way. Choko has two dogs, namely Shaggy and Nenna. 

Initially, the scene would not suggest that they were celebrating something special. But with the dogs wearing party hats, that signified already that it was going to be an unusual heartwarming encounter for the bystander who took the video.

After putting a party hat on one of the dogs, Choko, the homeless man, pulled out a birthday cake from his bag. For a person who didn't seem to have anything but himself, a birthday cake would have cost so much considering his condition. 

However, his unfortunate predicament did not stop him from throwing his dog Shaggy at a birthday celebration. Choko then stacked up some candles on the cake he bought and sang his dogs a quaint Happy Birthday. 

Petting them here and there, Choko gave his two dogs a kiss on the cheeks before slicing the cake for himself and his four-legged companions. While munching on the birthday cake he must have worked so hard to buy, the dog owner was moved to tears and tried to hold back his overflowing emotions. 

After the touching moment, the bystander approached Choko and asked him about what had happened to them and his dogs. To their surprise, what the three have experienced previously has been nothing but heartbreaking. 

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Apparently, Choko escaped his home, where he suffered abuse from others. For several years already, Choko has been on the road, homeless, and spending his remaining days traveling with his two dogs, Shaggy and Nenna. Choko only had his two dogs since then, and he promised that he would take good care of them as they are the only remaining family that he has. 

When the bystander posted the video online, it received a multitude of teary-eyed reactions and praises from users not just in Colombia but from all over the world too. Choko’s actions toward his pets have inspired people to help the three of them and send donations that have given them the chance to live a now more peaceful life. 

“In so many years living on the street, I was never alone. My dogs were always there to bring joy to many sad days and now together we are going to help many who need us!” Choko said in an interview

To continue inspiring everyone with their journey, someone even gifted Choko a new phone, which gave him the chance to start up his own Instagram page, where he has shared photos and videos of himself, Shaggy, and Nenna. Choko’s page already has more than 170,000 followers and counting.

It turns out that the video that was captured by the bystander was the moment they celebrated the 4th birthday of one of his dogs, Shaggy. 

The spot where they were filmed at the time has become a gathering place for animal lovers in the area. Choko, the heroic man who has saved his dogs from an abusive environment, has expressed his plans that he would want to put up an animal shelter to help other people and pups in need. 


Were you inspired by what Choko did for Shaggy and Nenna? What do you think about the heartwarming birthday celebration? Let us know, and make sure to let your friends, family, and other fur parents know about this inspiring encounter!

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