Homeless Father And Son Receive $1,000 And Place To Stay From Man Who Asks Them About Kindness

Jan 17, 2023 by apost team

Everyone deserves to have a decent home. But sometimes, life takes people to places that will force them to give up the place they have called home for years. While it can be hard, some people just don’t have any choice but to live in small rooms that are not conducive to living in or, worse, in the streets, which can put the lives of other people and their loved ones– including their family – in danger. But thankfully, there is still kindness in this world – and a homeless single dad was given the chance to feel and see that kindness in its purest form.

In November 2015, a man from New York named James Moss left his life in the empire state to move to Denver after he received an offer – a job opportunity of a lifetime. A friend of his also offered a place for him to stay, so that made everything seem perfect – until that vanished into thin air even before he got there. So, he was left with no home. But it wasn’t just him who lost a home, but his son, too.

While Moss was looking for shelter with his little boy, he came across a motivational speaker named Leon Logothetis of #GoBeKind, who approached him and talked about kindness.

In the same interview, Logothetis asked him why he decided to give up his life in New York and move to Denver. Moss explained that everything he does in life is for his son.

“I want him to experience the things I missed growing up,” Moss explained.

Sharing his realizations following his experience, he said: “You have to be brought down to your humblest point, so you can appreciate other things that are waiting for you."

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However, he said, "It seemed like everything I was trying to do was falling apart."

On why he still manages to keep a positive spirit, Moss said he makes sure to include prayer and meditation in his life. Moss didn’t hold back his tears when he opened up about his pain. “I never expected it to be like this, but it’s like this. I’ve had nothing but good help along the way,” he said.

Touched by Moss’ courage to open up to him about his situation, Logothetis gave him $1,000 on top of the seven-day hotel accommodation he paid for the father-and-son. But little did Moss know that it was only the start of great things to come for him and his son.

Moss was forced to stay in a shelter after his seven-day stay at the hotel. But thankfully, one woman named Kayla Haskett started to launch a GoFundMe for Moss.

“Let's make this happen for him and his son and show him some love and that there are still good people left in this world,” Haskett wrote.

Heskett has raised 56,560 for Moss and his son. Moss’ boss also allowed him to bring his son while he tried to look for a new home for him and his son.

Moss, in another video, said he couldn’t believe that he would get so much love and support from other people with the video:

“I never thought that a small act of kindness will spark such a huge chain reaction."

He thanked everyone who sent prayers and donated to help him start his new life.

“I’m so thankful and so grateful for every one of you guys that put your prayers for us, donating what you could. I love you all. You mean the most to me,” he said.


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