Homeless Dog Never Had A Bath Before — Her Reaction To Being Pampered For The First Time Is Heartwarming

Everyone loves to be pampered and cared for. A simple touch or kind word can completely transform your day. Imagine how one homeless doggy felt when they got a bath for the first time.

She was first discovered near an abandoned house in Oklahoma. She was so scared of people that she didn't let anyone come near her. Ultimately, WOOF Pet Rescue was able to catch Blossom, but it took some work. WOOF Rescue wrote on Facebook that Blossom struggled with them on the way to the crate.

But once she was in the crate, she finally settled down and began to welcome being touched and loved.


WOOF took her to the vet to make an assessment. Other than a bad case of mange, Blossom didn't have any life-threatening injuries or illnesses. She was definitely in better shape than some other homeless dogs WOOF has probably encountered over the years.

Blossom got to have a bath after her trip to the vet. She was visibly nervous when they started washing her coat. But as they began to lather her fur with soap, she started to settle down and enjoy her bath. She just enjoyed being loved and cared for. She looked great after her bath.

Blossom stayed at the animal shelter for a few more weeks. Her fur started growing back, and she started to enjoy spending time with the other shelter dogs. Finally, there was a family who wanted to adopt Blossom and take her home.

Blossom loves her new home and her new family. Look at how excited she was to get her first bath in the video below.

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