Homeless Dog Kisses Her Puppies One After The Other As Rescuers Pull Them To Safety

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

Southern California neighbors had been trying to save a stray pit bull for three months, but the dog kept running away. They called Hope for Paws for an urgent rescue because the dog had given birth 48 hours prior and a storm was in progress.

The nonprofit organization made the three hours and thirty minutes’ drive to make the rescue. They were able to rescue the mama and eight puppies to safety.

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The worst storm of the year was going on in Southern California when Hope for Paws received an urgent call about a homeless pit bull who had given birth 48 hours prior. The team got in the car right away and drove 3.5 hours to find the dog.

The neighbors explained that they had spent the last three months trying to save the stray pit bull, but she would run away from them. The video below shows their rescue efforts to find and save the dog and her babies. 


To reach the mama and her puppies, the rescue team had to get through a thicket of bushes and crawl into a den. When the team finally found her, the dog did not try to run even though she could have easily escaped. She seemed surprised to be found but remained where she was, most probably due to her instinct and strong attachment to her puppies.

However, the Hope for Paws team reassured the dog not to worry. They started by trying to make her comfortable and reassure her that she was in no danger. One of the rescue workers began feeding and petting her while speaking very softly, which allowed the dog to let her guard down and feel a little safer. 

Eventually, the rescue worker felt confident enough to put a leash on the dog to prevent her from running. The mama was determined to stay with her puppies even as she was being leashed. The rescue team then decided to help the babies first, but this made the mama worry for her puppies' safety.

She reached out to each puppy and licked them, which helped to make the process easier for her. Once the rescue worker allowed the mama to essentially kiss each puppy before it was taken, she let up and let them be rescued. There were 8 puppies in total saved by Hope for Paws. After all the puppies were safe, they had to then coax the mama out of the den into a cage.

After the rescue in the storm, the team made their way back to the shelter, where power had gone out and so operations continued by flashlight. Once all rescue efforts had been completed and everyone was once again safe, they reunited the puppies with the mama dog. Her relief at being in a safe place and reunited with her puppies again is clear in the video below.

The mom was named Rainbow, and the puppies' names are Breezy, Thunder, Raindrop, Misty, Bolt, Flash, Droplet, and Stormy. These names have a theme for stormy weather and water. Now, both mama and the puppies enjoy a safe and warm home where they are loved and cared for. The Hope For Paws rescue team continues to save animals that are in danger or abandoned even today. 

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