Homeless Dog Enthusiastically Thanks Vet For Saving His Life

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

Veterinarians are integral to making sure that dogs can become healthy again after excessive pain or trauma by helping them heal. That is exactly what happened in 2017 when Smokey the dog was rushed to an animal center after being severely burned from a brush fire in West Palm Beach, Florida. Veterinarian Dr. Latimer tended to the terrible burns on Smokey's body.

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When he was only two years old, Smokey was severely burned during a fire. Because he was a guard dog at the location, he wasn't freed from the tree he was tied to until a firefighter was able to rescue and bring him to safety. However, by then Smokey had already sustained some life-threatening injuries, causing him to require medical care immediately, the Mirror reports.


During his medical treatment, Smokey was helped by Dr. Latimer, a vet who helped heal the multiple burns on the dog's legs. Through a series of helpful treatments and rehabilitation efforts taken by the vet and various firefighters who helped Smokey in the first place, the dog was able to recover and get back to his normal self.

This is where the story gets really cute. When Smokey was coming back for a regular appointment, he was reunited with Dr. Latimer. Upon seeing Dr. Latimer, Smokey freaked out, bursting with excitement and running into the vet's arms. See for yourself in the video... Isn't it just adorable?

Fire Rescue Captain Gregg Gordon who had helped Smokey during his rehabilitation ended up falling in love and adopting him, reports Relieved. Today, Smokey gets to go for walks and splash around in the water. Smokey reunited with Dr. Latimer again in 2018. He still hasn't forgotten the man who saved his life, he repaid him with wet licks and kisses.

It's always heartwarming to see people care for animals, especially when it forms friendships for life. What did you think of this video? Did you shed a tear as we did? Let us know what you think and be sure to show this video to other dog lovers you know!

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