Home Security Camera Records Hilarious Footage Of Guard Dog

Joe Corsi, a resident of Rhode Island, recently purchased a surveillance system to monitor his home when he's away. The camera is programmed to sweep the entire interior of the home on specific time intervals. The system was well configured, except that he might want to reconsider the camera placement because it has caused his guard dog to become fascinated with its movements.

On the day in question, his surveillance camera detected some suspicious motion. Joe received a notification on his smartphone when it occurred, and he switched his phone to monitor the live feed of his house. He wanted to make sure that no one was invading his home, but he was surprised to see his German shepherd Sasha sitting very close to the camera studying it intently.


The unexpected sight of his confused dog was so funny that Joe decided to share the footage on a variety of social media platforms. He captioned the video clip, explaining that it was an unexpected occurrence when you suspect that your home is being invaded by a burglar. At the beginning of the video, Sasha is watching the window. After a short while, the dog notices the camera moving around to capture different areas of the house.

Sasha begins to stare with intense curiosity, and her ears begin to twitch back and forth in response to the motion of the camera. She even does a classic confused gesture of tilting her head, which adds even more humor to the situation. This video has gone viral, and it is providing a great deal of entertainment for people who witness the hilarity of this pet. The video has been viewed over 55,000 times.

Dogs are great companions to humans, and they deserve to be called man's best friend. They also provide many moments of humor and entertainment because of their innocent and curious nature.

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