Hollywood Legend Sam Elliott To Narrate New Military Veteran-Made Documentary 'Honor Guard'

Sam Elliot became a legend as a mustached hero portraying cowboys in the Wild West. It wouldn’t have been surprising, then, if his career had taken a hit when the gun-slinging western era began to die out.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

The legendary actor has maintained his fame and fortune throughout all these years. Now, his fans are celebrating his newest project. Elliott is set to narrate a military mini docu-series based on the U.S.A’s oldest active army infantry regiment. And yeah - it’s as cool as it sounds.


The mini series will be titled “Honor Guard,” and will follow the oldest active infantry regiment formed in the United States Army in 1784 under the name First American Regiment.

Elliott will narrate the four-part documentary created by Neal Schrodetzki and former Army guard Ethan Mor. Schrodetzki will also write and direct the series.

Elliot, fresh from his Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in “A Star Is Born,” was sought specifically for the role due to his history of military roles.

 “We wanted Mr. Elliott to narrate Honor Guard because he’s known throughout the military for portraying American heroes in film," Schrodetzki told Deadline. "Sam Elliott represents the soul and spirit of Honor Guard.”

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