Holly Willoughby Bursts Into Tears On Live Morning Show After Makeover Goes Wrong

Jan 11, 2021 by apost team

In a This Morning makeover segment from April 2019, the Glam Squad –– stylist Elisa Snowden, hairstylist Nicki Clarke, and makeup artist Armand Beasley –– were tasked with giving Carol Elliot, 46, a new look. In a rather strange turn of events, the makeover ends up not being quite what Carol had expected, with her tearing up upon the reveal on live television. Shocked by the disappointment, tv-host Holly Willoughby also becomes emotional and tries to comfort her guest, who couldn't hide her feelings about the new look. 

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Host Phillip Schofield explained that Carol, who worked as a shop assistant, was nominated by her husband Pete, also present on the show. Speaking to Schofield and co-host Holly Willoughby, Pete explained that he nominated his wife in time for two big events; their upcoming 25th wedding anniversary and Carol's first-ever school reunion. The latter for which Pete said his wife had been "really nervous."

Describing her style, the doting husband said Carol opted for a more casual look.

"Normally, she's a jeans [and] t-shirt kind of person," he said. "A bit like me, really."


Schofield and Willoughby then turned to their Glam Squad to ask them how they went about Carol's makeover and what she and the audience should be expecting. Snowden, the fashion-stylist of the bunch, said Carol had gotten a "proper pampering."

"We've pushed her out of her comfort zone quite dramatically," Snowden said. "It's such a big event, like [Pete] said, it's the reunion and we want her to feel really special," she added. 

According to Schofield, Carol was yet to have seen her new look yet, and would only get to see it for the first time on live television at the same time as the viewers.

Celebrity hairstylist Nicky Clarke continued by explaining that he and his team were inspired to give Carol a complete glam-up –– miles away from her usual down-to-earth look. 

"[Carol's hair] needed to be very different from what it was because it was very grey, quite flat, and as [Pete] said, she was a jeans-and-t-shirt sort of girl," Clarke explained. 

"We needed to get her out of that and make it just much more glam, made her blonder, a bit more special," he added.

Lastly, makeup artist Beasley explained that he wanted to come up with a signature look for Carol, as she didn't tend to wear much makeup on her own. 

"She's got the most beautiful eyes, so I really wanted to bring out those eyes," Beasley said, adding that he was keen on experimenting with some contouring, too. 

With that, Willoughby and Schofield said it was time for the big reveal. The Presenters quickly show Carol's photo from before the makeover, in which the 46-year-old is pictured sporting a mousy-blonde up-do and a simple navy sweater. Then finally, Carol steps out to the stage, looking worlds away from her before-look. 

The shop assistant is now wearing a short, pastel pink suede dress, white cowboy-inspired boots, and a pearl-white oversized-sequin purse. Carol wore her hair loose and styled into curls and brightened to a lighter blonde. As for her makeup, Beasley opted for a smokey eye look for Carol with dramatic long lashes and a bright pink lip. Snowden explained that she chose the dress for Carol because "pastels are everywhere."

"Pink is [Carol's] favorite color; you said that when I was trying on different dresses with you," she added. 

Clarke then revealed that Carol told him she was a fan of "old Hollywood movies," so he was inspired to give her a hairstyle that resembled "a little bit of Betty Davis." 

Finally, Beasley said he went for stick-on nails as Carol's were quite short. The stick-on's were medium length and nude colored, with a hint of pink sparkle to match her outfit. The makeup stylist added that he chose the dramatic false lashes because he thought they brought out Carol's eyes. 

Before Carol got to see herself in the mirror, Schofield asked her what she thought of the look so far. 

"I'm very excited because I've never had such a special occasion to get dressed up for," the 46-year-old said. 

"Are you ready to have a look at what you look like?" Willoughby asked Carol, to which she said yes, and then walked towards the full-body mirror on the show's set. That's when the show took a turn for the unexpected; when Carol looked into the mirror, her smile quickly disappeared, and her expression looked unimpressed –– almost sad. 

"And what do you think?" Willoughby asked nervously. 

"Uhh... yeah. It's a nice color," Carol said unenthused, with her voice cracking slightly. Unable to hide her true feelings about the makeover, Carol starts to tear up as Willoughby asks her once more, "What do you think?"

With that, Carol turned around from the mirror. Willoughby, Schofield, Pete, and the Glam Squad can now see that she was crying. "I hope those are happy tears," Schofield said awkwardly. 

"Can we stop filming?" Carol pleaded. 

With that request, the presenters, Pete, and the styling team became visibly shocked and got up in an attempt to comfort Carol. In an effort to make her feel better, Snowden said that she had "so many options" for Carol if she wasn't happy with the dress. On the other hand, Pete tried to comfort his wife by telling her she looked beautiful and hugging her. Baffled by the surprise reaction, Holly asked if it might have been the "shock" that upset Carol. 

"It's not quite what I expected," the 46-year-old replied. 

Schofield then reveals that the show had had another surprise in store for the couple; a day trip and posh lunch in the city of London, along with a beautiful flower bouquet. According to the host, the car was already waiting outside to whisk the pair away on their adventure, and with that, Carol and Pete were escorted off the set. Clearly still heartbroken from the disappointment, Willoughby said it was "such a shame."

"Sometimes it just works out like that if you don't feel comfortable or something like that, that happens," she said. 

Schofield then listed all the activities Pete and Carol would get to do on their tour, including cocktails in the London Eye and a Thames river cruise. He is suddenly interrupted as the camera following the couple showed their car crashing right on the start, and the scene suddenly filled with smoke. He quickly urges the cameras to stop filming the scene and instead let him and Willoughby move on with their show. 



Horrified by the tragic turn of events, Willoughby suggests they should take a break. "I think that's probably the best thing to do now," she said, before her co-host interrupted her. "Can we just pause for a second?" Schofield asked. 

"April fools!" he then said, with the whole crew bursting into laughter. 

"Oh my God, I was panicking so much!" Willoughby said, relieved. 

Schofield then explained Carol and Pete were actors, and the camera then showed the pair stepping out of the car, all smiles and waving. Thankfully, they were just fine. 

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