Historic Gem Of A Castle Deserted After A Fire 80 Years Ago Is Gathering Internet's Attention

The castle in the photos may look run down in present times but it is home to an incredible history of class, elegance, and intrigue. Efforts are underway now to assure its story continues.

Moss and shrubs now cover many of the grand windows, towering archways, and balconies of the castle. However, in past days the castle was the meeting place for the rich and famous in the area.

You can see glimpses of the past greatness in the castle if you take a close look at the building. And if you look long enough you can envision partiers on the balcony of the castle with drinks in hand. It is also not difficult to imagine a couple by the water that surrounds the castle finding privacy to share a kiss. But now only shadows visit the castle.


The castle is located in the French town of Les Trois-Moutiers. The town is located approximately 200 miles southwest of Paris. The castle rests on an abundance of land and is completely surrounded by a mote. The castle can only be reached by crossing a bridge leading to the front doors.

The Château de la Mothe-Chandeliers was constructed in the 13th century. The castle was home to the Baucay family. The Baucay's were a powerful family that had ties with royal families and other high-society members.

The castle has also experienced a history of turmoil since its glory days. The castle was taken twice by English invaders during the Middle Ages. The castle was ransacked once more during the French Revolution. François Hennecart was a wealthy businessman that purchased the castle in 1809. His intent was the restore the castle to its past state of elegance.

The castle was passed on to Baron Lejeune Edgar in 1857, the son of a well-known French general and an esquire to Napoleon III. The castle once again became the meeting place for the rich and famous.

The Chateau was ravaged by fire in 1932. The contents of the structure were mostly destroyed. A library of rare books, valuable paintings, and antique furniture was all lost to the fire. The castle was abandoned until 1981 when Marc Deyemer purchased the building with dreams of restoration in mind. Unfortunately, Deyemer had not been able to undo the damage done to the castle by nature during the many years of abandonment.

All is not lost for the castle, however, as a number of groups have rekindled efforts to restore the Chateau to prominence at this time. What did you think of the video made of the famous castle? Did you imagine yourself in a scene there? Send this video to your friends. They will enjoy the fairytale images that come to mind.