Hip-Hop Flash Mob Dance Takes Place In Center Of City

It is a pretty safe bet to assume that the average person walking down the street is not at all in tune with events unfolding around them. However, when someone breaks out in dance in the middle of a busy street, people will stop and pay attention.

When one woman stopped and began to bob her head up and down in perfect rhythm, people began to take notice.

Her head bobbing was quickly partnered with the synchronized moves of a man who jumped in beside her. Their dancing was impressive to passers-by, who stopped what they were doing to gather around the duo. As the crowd gathered, two more people joined in the dance.


The group was then one of five and is now a flash mob that is dancing to hip-hop music. The complexity of the dance and the nearly flawless choreographing of their motions show that clearly, this group has spent a significant amount of time practicing for this event.

Wave like motions gives the observers a feeling like the music is transitioning from one dancer to the next. Their jumps and bounces are seemingly effortless, and the onlookers are fired up by the entertainment.

What started as a small group of observers quickly turned into a large crowd, all content to pause their day and take in the scene. Although it is evident that some people would rather ignore the display and get to their destination, most of them stay and pull out their cellular phones to save a video of the moment to share with their friends.

The best part of flash mobs is that none of these people set out to gather together and watch the dancers, they all had other plans and places to be but were brought together by the group of dancers seemingly spontaneous performance.

We are all busy and have agendas and deadlines. But moments like these are worth stopping for. It is not typical to have moments that stop us in our tracks and make us forget the mundane daily tasks. It is well worth taking these moments in, to experience the simple joys that others can bring us.

Would you have stopped and watched? Or have you already and want to tell us about something like this flash mob that you randomly observed? Let your friends enjoy and comment too!