Hikers Find Hungry Puppy Living In Tire Who Had Been Dumped In Middle Of Desert

Nov 02, 2019

Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright knew that their annual trek into the wilderness, dubbed "Sufferfest" because of the rugged terrain, would be arduous. They thought they were prepared for anything and everything as they hiked through the arid California desert.

They were wrong. As the National Geographic reported, they discovered something completely unexpected in an old tire in the middle of nowhere. It was the last thing they expected to see – a tiny, adorable puppy.


The men believe that someone left the black-and-white pup there to die a horrible death. There was no food and no source of water nearby, and the puppy was suffering. Alex and Cedar gave the whimpering puppy water and something to eat. He quickly began regaining his strength.

Of course, once they had saved the dog, they couldn't leave him out there alone. They brought the puppy with them on the rest of their trek as their mascot. As for his name, they decided on "Sufferpup" to go along with their adventure.

With food, water, and love, Sufferpup recovered his strength and provided his rescuers with many cuddles throughout their journey together. Despite being abandoned by his previous owner, he still had plenty of affection to give.

When Alex and Cedar finished Sufferfest, they took their responsibility toward their furry friend seriously. They didn't want to be like the person who abandoned him, so they found him a loving home in Boulder, Colorado. Sufferpup is now big, strong, and healthy – and still grateful to the men who rescued him.

Are you as happy as we are that these two guys came along and decided to take this little puppy under their wing? Pass this story along to your dog-loving friends and brighten their day.