High School's Cross-Country Team Takes Shelter Dogs Out For A Morning Run

Students from the St. Josephs High School took a few dogs from the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter along on for their morning run.

The Cross-Country team of the St. Josephs High School thought it would be a nice idea to adopt a few dogs from the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter for their morning run. They borrowed the canines for the day. Then, they took collars and each one for the runners got paired up with a dog for their 1-mile run. Most of the runners were excited because it was their first time working out with a dog.


As a result, the students felt more motivated than usual and still had a lot of energy after the run. The dogs seemed just as happy to be outside and exercising. Due to the large number of dogs in most shelters, the animals rarely get enough time to go outside and play. In a way, the students were giving back to the community by giving the dogs a good time. And it proved to be a great team-building exercise as well.

“I am not sure who was more excited and having the most fun, the dogs or the kids,” team coach Luis Escobar wrote on Facebook. “Either way, it was a great time and I am sure we will do it again sometime soon.”

Not all dogs completed the 1-mile run. This little fellow here got tired after a while and had to be carried by a runner. Everybody who saw the students running with the dogs seems to have been impressed by their generous gesture. 

What is your favorite form of physical exercise? Could you imagine taking a dog along for the ride? Tell us in the comments and pass this along to your family and friends. Who knows, maybe one of them will want to adopt a dog as well!