High School Sweethearts Marry In Hospital Room After Bride Is Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer

Some people wait a lifetime to meet the love of their life and get married. For one bride, she knew for quite a while who her future husband would be, but these two made it official at the most heartbreaking time of their lives.

The woman’s name is Toni Carroll, and she had been recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer along with progressive heart failure when her entire life turned upside down. At the young age of 25, she wasn’t sure how much time she had left to spend with her loved ones, including her two young children.

Thankfully, her partner, Jesse Welsh, was there to be by her side and raise her spirits with the surprise of a lifetime: a proposal!


The story about this bride and groom was recently published on a blog called Alfred Health, which documents the whereabouts of patients in the hospital where Toni is being treated. Although her cancer diagnosis was heartbreaking, Toni and Jesse got to tie the knot in a ceremony located in the chapel of the hospital thanks to much help from the staff in the ICU she was taken care of it.

One of the doctors from the hospital, Dashiell Ganter, got to witness the outstanding ceremony for himself. He admits that despite the looming diagnosis that hindered Toni’s life, the ceremony was beautiful and uniquely special.

“From where we started five weeks ago, I was told I’d only have five to ten days with her, now we are married and I can’t ask for anything more,” Jesse told Alfred Health.

After the ceremony, Toni continued her treatment. Although the cause of Toni’s heart failure is unknown, her diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma came at a time when she was meant to be over the moon with joy: just after her second child was born in late 2018.

Thankfully, the staff in the ICU is taking care of her with the help of a bypass machine for her lungs and heart called the ECMO, in addition to her heart pump, also known as a VAD. Even though everyone was startled by her diagnosis and intensive treatment, those that surround Toni in this difficult time did everything they could to make sure that her wedding ceremony was as special and memorable as they possibly could.

With their children surrounding them, Toni and Jesse tied the knot bonding them together for the rest of their days.

You can learn more about Toni’s story in the video below:

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