High School Senior Honored For Perfect Class Attendance Throughout Every Grade

May 30, 2023 by apost team

Like many high school graduates of 2023, Taylor, Michigan, native Emma Jones received her diploma for her outstanding academic performance. However, what was even more remarkable about her excellence was the level of punctuality she portrayed with class attendance. Jones never missed a day in class and made headlines for pulling off such a commendable feat. 

Since she began her academic journey from Pre-K, Jones maintained a rare punctuality among fellow scholars. Jones’ zeal for school started in pre-school; although no one kept track at that time, her peculiar zeal for class attendance became glaring as time went on. 

According to News Herald, Jones did not pay much attention to her perfect attendance until the end of middle school. She revealed to the publication that she received awards for perfect attendance throughout middle school. Even then, Jones did not think her punctuality was a “big deal.” 

Her mom Stacy Dotson, reaffirmed this claim, noting that her daughter did not pay much attention to being awarded for never missing a day trou her years in middle school. However, Dotson shared that after Jones completed the first year of high school, she became more determined to pull through with her record.  

How could Jones graduate from Taylor High School with perfect attendance and without having a sick day or other emergencies? Like many other students, Jones did have moments she had to take some time off, but her family was able to work around her school’s schedule such that she never missed a day. 

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Jones revealed that part of what helped her keep such a record was that she rarely fell ill. She added that although she had sick days, those moments never occurred during school hours. Jones explained that she often fell ill during school breaks or on Fridays after lessons. Dotson relayed to the publication that her daughter was blessed with a strong immune system. She stated about Jones:

“She’s been on antibiotics maybe only twice in her life, so she does have a crazy good immune system.” 

The proud mom also revealed that her daughter did have hospital appointments because she used glasses and braces. This meant Jones had to visit her dentist and eye doctor. However, the meetings were scheduled so that they never interrupted her academics. 

Despite how seamless Jones’ academic duration seemed, she did face some challenges, and this was during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Many schools, including her alma mater, resorted to virtual learning systems during the lockdown. Jone revealed that the most challenging part of it all was getting out of bed to sit before her computer. She noted that waking up at 7 am and sitting in front of her computer all day was “difficult.”

Jones revealed that the senior skip day was also tempting, but she stayed true to her goal. Amid her quest to attend school on every lesson day, Jones also maintained a good grade point as she graduated with a 3.8 GPA. She made it known to Click On Detroit that she plans to go to college to earn a nursing degree. 


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