High School Football Team Find Out Band Won't Play National Anthem And Sing It Themselves

Oct 18, 2020 by apost team

Last year, a local high school football team from Texas added its voices to the national anthem by singing it acapella after its school band, the Granbury Pirates, could not perform with them.

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Usually, the Granbury Pirates' band would play the anthem before the team takes the field. On this occasion, their football game was rescheduled. The band was set for a competition on the same day as the rescheduled game, causing the band to miss the game and prevent the anthem's standard instrumental rendition.


Members of the Texas high school football team delivered their version of the anthem. With their band absent, the team felt compelled to keep up their tradition. They ensured that the crowd would witness the show of support.

According to The Western Journal, rather than begin a game without the traditional song, the Pirates stood on the field, hand over hearts, and provided their own, probably off-key, version of Francis Scott Key's beautiful song. Hands over hearts, eyes on the flag, they belted out the song, tempting the crowd to accompany them.

Unfortunately, the Pirates lost to their opponent by a single point. However, the example they set and the leadership they showed will be remembered long after the score has faded from the school's collective memory. Rather than remember the one that got away, the players and fans will remember the day when the football team took the lead in honoring their traditions.

More people should witness the bravery and fortitude displayed by the Pirates before the game. Make sure your friends witness the inspiring tribute and let us know what you think about the team’s resolve!

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