High School Choir With Their Backs Turned Knock's Audience Over With Laughter

The Lone Rangers theme song is known by many all over the world. The musical depths of the bassline and what is written for the orchestra prominently stands out from the William Tell Overture. A version of the piece was performed by the students of Timpanogos High School back in 2010. The performance is so funny and talented that it still holds up well today.

Their rendition of the traditional opera piece was nothing short of comical. When this song is performed we normally hear it done close to its natural state. The kids of Timpanogos High School chose to put their own spin on it.

Their rendition caused the audience to respond in a roar of laughter.


Though the William Tell Overture beat may be familiar to many, the history of the song isn’t as well known by its listeners. The original William Tell overture was composed in the early 1800s by Gioachino Rossini. In 1829 the opera was premiered. This opera was the last done by Rossini and marked the end of his elaborate career.

Partly retiring, he was drawn to music that was sacred and religious. Upon its premiere, the overture wasted no time grabbing the attention of those in the musical community. As a result of its success, the overture is now used in a variety of ventures that include a variety of songs and other projects. As a result of the song having a nature that is easily identifiable by many, the students were enthusiastic about performing this song.

Their performance was done with quality while simultaneously bringing laughter. Even though there were no punchlines given, the kids made the crowd emit loud laughter.

Check out their hilarious performance here in the video below:

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