Heroic Dachshund Saves Smaller Dog Buddy From Mountain Lion Attack

Nov 21, 2020 by apost team

Dogs are such loyal creatures. While they may be man's best friend, the bond between dogs themselves can be even more profound. The following account shows just how fiercely loyal these creatures can be to one another. In this story from November 2020, one dog saved his friend from a mountain lion attack.

Mijo and Winston were a doggie duo. They enjoyed a reasonably ordinary home life in Evergreen, Colorado complete with cuddles, chews, and lots of care. They share this life with Lindsay Golden, a human with a heart of gold.

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Like many dogs, Mijo is a mixed breed. In his case, his particular pedigree includes both Chihuahua and dachshund blood (a.k.a. a Chiweenie), reports 9 News. He is white with black spots and was 15 years old at the time of the attack this November. Winston was a much younger dog. He was a purebred dachshund. He was also much larger and had brown and black fur.

Mijo and Winston were enjoying a quiet evening at home in their Evergreen, Colorado home. Everything seemed to be going well. In fact, their prospects seemed to dramatically improve when someone left the door open.


Life is pretty quiet in Evergreen. And as you know, dogs take any chance they can get to have an adventure. Since the door was open, Winston and Mijo took it as a sign to run out for the time of their lives. As is the case with many housepets, this doggie duo enjoyed numerous smells coming in through windows and cracks in the house. When they escaped, they knew there had to be adventure or at least many other creatures out there. Nothing, however, could have prepared them for what happened next.

Mijo and Winston had seen other dogs, birds, and other animals from the comfort of their home. They likely spent hours imagining running after them. But who knew that they'd soon be running for their lives.

While on their adventure, a mountain lion found them and unexpectedly attacked Mijo, according to 9 News. Mijo's 15-year-old body couldn't quite keep up with his mind. Fortunately, Winston was not trapped by the big cat. Naturally, one would expect Winston to run away. After all, he wasn't attacked, and he was little enough to become a two-bite snack for the hungry cat. If he got away, he could alert Lindsay to the situation.

According to 9 News, instead of running to get help or to get away, Winston did the opposite. Although he was a tiny dog, he stood up to the mountain lion. Instead of getting away, Winston growled and barked for the mountain lion to get away from his furry friend.

Winston was one angry dog. He wasn't about to let his friend get killed, so he barked as loudly as he could. Surely, this would bring the scared little kitty out of the lion. When barking didn't seem to do the trick, Winston seemed to know exactly what to do. The tiny dachshund lunged and then charged at the mountain lion. He gave it everything he got to get everything that mattered to him back.

The logical response, you might think, is that the mountain lion would turn and chase Winston away. Fortunately, logic doesn't always rule the day. The mountain lion decided that it didn't want to stick around to see what such a fierce friend could do. As quickly as the mountain lion appeared, it was gone. It dropped Mijo and ran away as quickly as it could.

Once the coast was clear, Lindsay came out to get her darling dogs. Right away, she knew that Mijo had sustained some fairly significant injuries and needed medical care. Therefore, she rushed him to an emergency veterinarian. Although Winston had saved Mijo's life, he was not able to save Mijo's right eye, according to 9 News. Mijo also had other injuries, including potential neurological impairment, and is still undergoing tests for this, reports 9 News. Fortunately, Winston wasn't injured at all.

After being released from the veterinarian, Mijo returned home. He still had all four paws to walk on. When he got home, he used them for greeting his friend and hero, Winston. Even though most of us can relate much more to Mijo than Winston, we still all have the potential to be heroes. Through the power of our words, we can spread the good news about these remarkable animals. We can also encourage one another to foster pet friendships in our homes.

You never know when your words here or on another social media site might inspire someone to adopt a lifesaving friend for their animal companion. Let us know what you think about this story, and be sure to pass it on.

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