Heroes Save Bear With Bucket Lodged On Its Head

Animals are a big part of the lives of human beings. If you don't have them as pets, you are visiting game reserves and animal parks to see them. Therefore, when you see an animal in distress, it is natural to want to help it. Such is the case of one bear who was rescued by having the bucket sticking on its head removed.

The unbelievable story is that the bear has been wandering Perry Township for a few weeks with a bucket stuck on its head.

It is hard to imagine how it has managed to do this for so long.


The video shows a man trying to remove the bucket from its head without success. Even after applying all his energy into removing the bucket, it doesn't come off. You can see that the bear is startled by this act and runs off with the bucket on its head.

It manages to go into the woods, but more people follow. They all start trying to remove the object by holding him down. You can tell that he is frightened as the freeing mission happens.

The locals use a saw to cut the bucket open thereby freeing him. He is finally free and happy. It was amazing to see people coming together to help an animal in need - great job to the locals!

Maybe the bear thought that there was something he could eat inside the bucket. Maybe there was something in the object. When he tried to lift his head, however, it got stuck. This is not what he thought would happen.

If only he knew that this would end up happening to him, he wouldn't have reached for what was inside the bucket. The good news is that there are good people out there who didn't want to see the bear suffering. It may have taken a few weeks, but it was finally free.

In the end, both the bear and the locals were happy. Isn't it amazing how one bad situation can bring a community together?

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