Heroes Discover Blind Horse Stuck In Concrete Drain And Won't Stop Working Until She’s Safe

If you’re similar to the majority of people, you love your pets. And loving your pets means that you’d do anything to help them in their time of need, especially when something has happened to threaten their lives. Whether it be a cat, a dog, a lizard, or something larger, we treat our animals like family. So when something goes wrong, we often panic.

One woman knows all about the anxiety of having your animal in harm’s way after she brought her horses out for a graze in a field close to her home. Nittaya and her horses live in beautiful central Thailand, and they were enjoying the views when suddenly disaster struck.


One of the horses, a mare who goes by the name Bod, fell into a 5-foot water hole that happened to have a drainage cover that wasn’t functioning properly. The female horse was 16 years old and also completely blind in her left eye, so she probably wasn’t aware that the hole was even there until she was falling into it.

The horse panicked, and her owner Nittaya worked hard to get the horse out on her own, but each time she tried, the horse fell deeper into danger. Since the 50-year-old woman didn’t have the strength or resources to free the horse herself, she had to quickly figure out her options. Thankfully, she decided to call a rescue foundation from the area.

When the team of rescuers arrived, they knew that they had to do everything in their power to save the woman’s beloved horse. These heroes decided to go above and beyond in order to save Bod. Thankfully, they brought some tools to assist them. Using a drill, a sledgehammer, and an excavator, they decided to remove the concrete surrounding the area where Bod was trapped.

But during this noisy and hectic process, they also needed to keep the horse as calm as possible. Three long hours later, they had finally cleared enough room to use a harness to pull Bod up from her entrapment. Thankfully, the horse was not injured, and Nittaya was extremely grateful for the help from the rescuers. The two walked home carefully together and the rest is history!

You can watch the amazing rescue in the video below.

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