Hero Surfers Find Baby Great White Shark Stranded On Land And Refuse To Let Him Die

What would you do if you found an animal that needed your help? You’d do anything in your power to save it, right? You probably grew up loving animals, and now you’d do anything if it meant saving their lives.

But what if I told you the animal was a shark? You’d probably think twice about lending a hand, as many people are scared of these creatures.

However, one group of surfers became local heroes when they decided to step in and save a baby shark’s life. Over a year ago in March of 2018, a group going surfing together decided to head out to Victoria Bay in South Africa to ride some waves.

But what they found was more unexpected than they could ever imagine.


What exactly did they find? A young great white shark struggling to survive. The baby shark was stranded on the shores that were full of sand and rocks, unable to maneuver himself back into the sea water. Stuck on land, the shark was panicking and trying his best to stay alive. The shark was getting cut on the jagged rocks and was noticeably bleeding back into the water.

Obviously, the shark was hurt and didn’t have much time to live. That’s when the group of surfers knew that they had to step in to save its life. Noting that the shark was just a baby, they figured that they would be able to save it safely.

But how exactly do you save a baby shark from death?

At first, they thought that they should toss some water onto the shark, hoping to give it a fighting shot at survival and revive it a little bit. However, the shark was still panicking, and time was running out. At this point, lifeguards from the area decided to join in on the rescue mission.

It was at this moment that the group of heroic individuals decided that they needed to hoist the shark back into the water on their own. However, using their bare hands wasn’t working. That’s when one of the surfers had the brilliant idea to use a surfboard in order to push the shark back into the water. Amazingly enough, this tactic worked, and everyone cheered and congratulated each other on their victory!

We can all learn a lesson about kindness to creatures of all species from this group of individuals. 

You can learn more about this story in the video below:

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