Hero Dog Guides Owner To Elderly Woman's Body in Snow in Below Freezing Temps

There are times when heroic actions come from the most unlikely sources. Men, women, and children have all wowed the public with heroic actions. And there are also instances when one of our beloved pets play the role of hero.

Whether searching for a missing person or protecting a human from a snake attack, the love and loyalty displayed by a dog is unequaled by most other animals. A four-year-old dog in Minnesota recently put this love and loyalty on full display when she made up his mind not to let an elderly woman succumb to freezing weather. 

The polar vortex that brought sub-zero temperatures to many Midwestern cities caused serious problems for many American citizens. Conditions were worse in some cities than in Anartica and the United States postal service even suspended service in some areas.


The frigid conditions did not stop Midnight, a black lab mix, from springing into action on January 28. Midnight's owner, Tim Curfman remembers his dog acting a bit strange on the night in question.

Curfman told CBS Minnesota that midnight's ears were perked up while she stared at him. He says his instinct told him something was wrong. Midnight accompanied her owner who was taking out the trash when the dog sensed something was not right.

Curfman followed Midnight in the direction of the house next door. There he discovered his neighbor lying in the snow. The 87-year-old Noreen had fallen while attempting to fill a bird feeder.

This action was heroic in its own right considering the weather circumstances. Curfman figures his neighbor was lying in the snow for about half an hour. He explains her gloves were wet and her fingers did not possess the necessary strength to push up from the store. It is likely Noreen would never have freed herself from the snow.

Curfman was able to get Noreen indoors and out of the freezing temperatures. His wife joined the rescue efforts by finding Noreen some dry clothes to wear. Noreen says the actions of Midnight reminded her of the heroic actions she has seen while watching the old television show 'Lassie.' Curfman says he is proud of Midnight and admits he has spoiled the dog with treats since her heroic deed.

Were you as proud of Midnight as Noreen and her owner? Pass this article to your friends and family. They will enjoy the story of the heroic canine.