Hero Dog Blocks Road To Stop Vehicles For Help After Owner Has A Seizure During Walk

Jul 08, 2021 by apost team

Time and time again, dogs have proven to be incredible companions to many people, whether it’s playing together, spending quality time together or being there for each other in times of need. A dog in Canada has recently become a hero after she helped save her owner’s life. Haley Moore had taken her dog, Clover, out for a walk in a neighborhood in Stittsville, Ottawa, one brisk day in March 2021, when she had a seizure and collapsed on the side of the street. 

Security camera footage captured the incident and has since been uploaded and gone viral, as something truly amazing happened following Moore’s medical emergency. Clover had an immediate reaction to her owner’s situation. After becoming more aware of her surroundings, the large white dog figured out how to make sure Moore would get the help she needed. Since they were on the side of the street in a neighborhood, Clover noticed that there were cars driving up and down the street. After hatching a life-saving plan, Clover stood in the middle of the road to block any oncoming traffic, and hopefully get someone to spot Moore.

It wasn’t long until Clover’s plan worked, and a truck halted in its tracks with the sweet animal standing in front of it. After getting some help from a handful of passersby, Moore got the medical attention she needed and was safely cared for. Clover has since gone on to be seen as a hero for knowing how to care for her owner in distress, and for ultimately saving her life.

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The moment that Moore had a seizure and collapsed on the side of the road in a neighborhood could be seen in the security camera footage that has since been uploaded to YouTube by Inside Edition. At one moment, Moore seemed completely stable, but she soon fell to the ground when she had her medical emergency. Clover immediately was by her owner’s side, but cars drove by without noticing the predicament on the side of the road.

It seemed like Clover hatched a plan and, after managing to free her leash from Moore’s hand, she ran out into the middle of the road to stop any cars that would be coming down the street. Surely enough, the plan worked, and an oncoming vehicle came to a halt upon seeing the dog. The driver of the truck that Clover stopped quickly got out of his vehicle and soon noticed Moore on the other side of the street. Dryden Oatway, the 21-year-old driver, explained the situation in more detail.

“It was really impressive,” he said. “The dog actually blocked my way. She kind of backed into the road to block my truck.” Insider reported that Oatway then managed to catch the attention of another passerby, Moore’s neighbor Danielle Pilon. With the two watching over Moore carefully, the distressed dog ran back to the family’s house to get help. 

By the time the family finally arrived at the scene, Moore was already safe and sound in the ambulance being treated, according to Insider. Thankfully, Moore recovered and has continued to show an immense amount of love for her heroic canine. “I’m very grateful for her saving my life,” Moore said.


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