Hero Bus Driver Helps Save Third Life While Working

If you think the only thing bus operators do at work is drive the bus, then you haven’t been on Laronda Marshall's bus yet. A testament to the idea that we all have a superhero waiting to be released from within us, Marshall's track record at work reads more like an EMT than a city bus operator some days.

On a terrifying day at work for Miami-Dade County, driving soon became the last thing on her mind when a passenger alerted Marshall to a man who had passed out on her bus. 

The man had slumped over in his seat. Using the quick thinking she had learned as a nursing assistant, Marshall stopped the bus and quickly approached the sick passenger according Miami-Dade County news release. When he was unresponsive Marshall began doing chest compression. 


As another passenger called 911, Marshall gave the man CPR until the paramedics arrived. 

"The paramedics told me that if I hadn’t immediately jumped in, he would have passed away by the end of the line,” she said according to the news release. 

This was not Marshall's first heroic act. In fact, it wasn’t her second heroic act, either. Marshall has saved 3 lives in her eight years working as a bus operator!

In 2017, a pedestrian was walking across the street when a car ran over him and sped away, just as Marshall was driving by with her bus. She stopped the bus, blocked the on-going traffic so that the wounded was shielded, and ran out to render first aid.

Another time, a little girl was wandering around lost and alone and walked out into traffic. Marshall stopped her bus, caught up to the little girl and brought her inside. She kept her with her until she could find help.

Her heroism has earned her due attention from her superiors and co-workers alike. The Director of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, Alice N. Bravo, said of Marshall:

“Operator Marshall is an exemplary employee who goes above and beyond her duties. She places the wellbeing and safety of those she serves as top priority. We are extremely proud of Operator Marshall and are grateful for her professionalism, heroism and her willingness to serve others – even in challenging situations.”

Fellow bus operators congratulated Marshall on Facebook. A humble hero, she told them, “I give God all the Glory!!! If I had to do it again I would!” Marshall reminds us that we, too, can be heroes just like her. In a news release, she said:

 “I have a love for people, and my instinct is to jump in and help. I really feel everybody should learn CPR because it could save a life, especially in transit.” 

Marshall found her inner superhero and released it into the world. Three lives now have that superhero to thank.

What would you have done if you were Laronda Marshall? Who are the everyday heroes in your city? Comment to let us know!