Here's What The Position You Usually Sit-In, Reveals About Your Personality

Did you know that you often sit in the same position? You prefer one sitting position because it is comfortable and convenient for you. What you probably did not realize is that your sitting position tells people something about your nature.

The following are 10 of the common sitting positions and the exciting things they tell about your nature and the nature of other people.

1. Ankles crossed

You are a single-minded person with notable leadership skills. You try to stay informed and like to control everything and everyone – you are commanding. But your character makes you a jealous lover.

2. Upright

If you sit upright, then you are a confident and strong-willed person. You hardly ever doubt the correctness of your decisions and actions. Additionally, you crave control and like to be in the know.

Also, you are a good communicator and like to come to the rescue of your family and friends during rough times.

3. Hands locked together

This is the sitting position of emotional, impulsive, amiable, and open individuals.

You are exuberant and try your best to illuminate your optimism on other people. Often, people get inspired and appreciate your positive energy when they communicate with you. As such, you are hardly ever alone.

4. Hands wedged between legs

This sitting position is the preference of people who are good-natured, and very sensitive and gentle.

Your best trait is caring about the problems of others – you react promptly and do your best to help. However, you are timid and, most of the time, you second-guess your words and decisions.

5. Legs crossed

Down-to-earth and shy people sit with their legs crossed.

You often feel embarrassed in the presence of strangers. In other words, you are not a confident person. You are also considered a closed person since you hide your feelings and emotions from others.

6. Hands on your knees

This position is favored by focused and attentive people – not people who are often absent-minded.

You also have a bold and confident personality that makes you a good choice in leadership positions. When faced with problems, you are quick to solve them. You are neither afraid of your own decisions nor cower from taking responsibility for others.

7. Arms crossed

No non-sense people, who often have strong personalities prefer this position.

Your thoughts have depth. Therefore, most of the time you have a thoughtful, concentrated facial expression – you hardly have a radiant smile on your face. And, although you are confident, you do not rush to share your feelings with other people.

8. Legs together

Your first impression on others is that you are a cold-hearted person. It is only after people take their time to know you, they find that you are kind, amiable, and very sincere. Also, you offer straightforward answers in serious situations.

Your other qualities include punctuality and conscientiousness, and everything you do follows a plan strictly.

9. Leaning forward

You are easily carried away and have an interest in a wide range of things. Simply put, you are moderately curious. Also, you easily make new acquaintances, find the favor of others, masterful in complimenting others, and praise others during a conversation whenever appropriate.

10. Leaning back

You are sympathetic and sensitive person – you are never indifferent towards the feelings of others. Naturally, you are cautious when making decisions, and you carefully analyze your actions. Before doing something important, you weigh the situation for a long time and compare the pros and cons.

What is your sitting position? Does it correctly reflect your personality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Ask your family and friends to have a read so they can also find out how their body language speaks about their nature!