Here's How The Way You Squash Your Toothpaste Can Give An Insight Into Your Personality

Dec 13, 2018 by apost team

A personality quiz with questions lets you subtly influence your results; of course, you're reading the answers and thinking what kind of person might pick each one! Want a foolproof way for a little insight into yourself that you can't cheat? Go take a look at your tube of toothpaste and read on. It's the little things that tell us the most. If your guests saw your toothpaste tube, what would it say about you?

1. Carefully Squeezed and Rolled from the Bottom Up

Methodical. Diligent. Planned out. Your tube of toothpaste is clean around the lid and carefully squeezed together starting at the bottom to make sure it stores neatly and gets used. Maybe you fold or roll the tube as it empties-- you could even use a little binder clip to ensure it stays neatly squeezed flat. No matter the details, if you keep a neat and efficient tube of toothpaste, you are likely to be organized, goal oriented, and a natural leader with a trustworthy nature your friends appreciate.

2. Top-Squeezed

Open the lid and squeeze from the top!

You are determined, perhaps frugal, and pay attention to small details. You are self-sufficient and can adapt to any situation, which is an impressive quality until you start taking people in your life for granted!

3. Middle-Squeezed

Open the lid and just squeeze it in the middle, because that will save a lot of time!

You are always in a rush! But you are also the realist kind. You don't believe in planning too much and can prepare your mind for any challenge within a few seconds! You are able to maintain the right balance between your social and personal life!

4. Seemingly Squished From All Directions

Open the lid and squeeze from whatever spot on the tube that you happened to pick up. The point is to get the toothpaste out right?

You'd rather spend your time brushing! If this describes your approach, you are someone who thinks big picture, is skilled at setting priorities and has an agreeable, approachable vibe that others love.

5. Mixed Strategy- Started Neatly and Now Oozing

Your tube is pressed flat toward the bottom because you started a new tube of toothpaste with the best intentions. But after the first careful fold, your tube is pressed in multiple areas and may have a dollop or two of the sticky paste on the cap and tube.

You are flexible and open minded, with a tendency to live in the moment. A people pleaser who tends to be the center of the crowd, you are able to multitask and complete tasks on a deadline.

Let us know what kind of toothpaste squeezer you are. Do you agree with any of these insights? You can also help a friend out by letting them know that their toothpaste style is an insight into their personality! You could go check out their toothpaste, but it'd be best to pass this on for their self-awareness!